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Fast food restaurants are around every corner in the United States. In , QSR Magazine ranked McDonald's the highest grossing fast food. Some of the highest-rated fast food chains in the U.S. are ones we'd never heard of. Business Insider teamed up with Restaurant Business to rank top national fast- food chains by sales, customer satisfaction, and value.

Among those, I asked my MONEY colleagues to rate their recent dining experiences—and then ranked them by factoring in both the average cost of a combo meal and the level of customer experience. Since the chain prides itself on serving top-notch ingredients free of additives or preservatives, all stores must be within miles of the distribution facilities. Fast food chains keep America running. Fast Casual.

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These restaurants — globally associated with American culture — evoke surprising перейтиwith many developing a cult-like loyalty from customers. But which chain is the best? Business Insider teamed up with Restaurant Businessa food-service industry expert fazt media outlet, to compile a definitive ranking of the best fast-food restaurants in America.

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