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This means an enormous boot and plenty of legroom. This should all make you think twice about buying a Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus - as should its excellent reliability score. All were far ahead of rivals, as there were no cars with four points. The Octavia's top place was thanks to excellent build quality.

It was above average for in-car software and ventilation system reliability, but only average when it came to engine and gearbox problems Skoda Octavia buying guide. The Vauxhall Insignia is the most reliable large family car for the third year in a row, ahead of not just the Ford Mondeo, but the BMW 3 Series Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4 too there were not enough responses to include Lexus, which normally performs well in reliability rankings.

It was the best in class for build quality and for the dependability of its electronics and ventilation system. Some engine and gearbox issues prevented it from taking a clean sweep, but even here it was above average for this type of car. The Tiguan was also above average for in-car software and ventilation dependability, although owners reported a few more problems than those with a Hyundai ix35, Hyundai Tucson and Nissan X-Trail.

Although you can no longer buy this version of the Tiguan as a new car the latest Tiguan was too new to appear in the survey , there are plenty of used examples available. The Mercedes E-Class won this category by a mile, as rivals suffered from significantly more problems.

The high-end cars in this class are typically packed with technology, which failed too often on the Audi A6, which was below average for dependability in this area. It was worse news for BMW 5 Series owners, as engine, gearbox and build quality issues were too frequent. And it ranked below average. In contrast, the E-Class was the best luxury car in every area apart from in-car entertainment where it was just behind the Jaguar XF - but still above average.

BuyaCar team Sep 8, Search all car deals. See related. Most reliable cars Most reliable used cars Most reliable manufacturers 1 Hyundai 78 faults per cars 2 Suzuki 87 3 Kia 94 4 Skoda 97 5 Nissan Hyundai i10 deals. Peugeot deals. Skoda Octavia deals. Vauxhall Insignia deals. Volkswagen Tiguan deals. Skoda Yeti deals. Mercedes E-Class deals. Vehicle Dependability Study by J.

Toyota and Porsche came closest with 39 of 40 points in J. Power ratings of mechanical systems, exterior and interior, features and controls, and overall, each with three perfect 10s. All three brands rated 10s overall, according to J.

Power, a consumer data and analysis firm, but Toyota and Lexus received the overall J. Power awards. The J. Power ratings are similar to brand rankings based on reporting of vehicle problems over the last 12 months by original owners of three-year-old vehicles Those rankings scored Lexus at No.

All car ratings are based on the opinions of a representative sample of consumers who have used or owned the product or service being rated and are therefore. See the J.D. Power Awards of Each year we award exemplary vehicles based on real insights from real, verified owners in four distinct fields. Thinking of buying a new or used car? Start your car research here by reading reviews written by verified owners, consumers and experts. No matter where you .

The JD Power UK Vehicle Dependability Survey has found that drivers are increasingly experiencing technology issues - particularly when connecting or pairing a phone with their vehicle. A minority report more serious complaints, such as engine and gearbox faults. The survey is based on responses from more than 13, owners of one to three-year-old cars, using real-world data to rate car reliability for new and used buyers. Although most modern cars are unlikely to suffer serious problems for many year, there is a significant disparity between the best and worst manufacturers and models.

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Of all the J. Others could crow about VDS.

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