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Do you need your car to look one-of-a-kind? We're able to custom fabricate parts and designs that will put that finishing touch on your ride that nobody else can. If you're having trouble finding the car of your dreams, we can help! We have sources for each major manufacturer be it from Japan, Germany or the US and we're more than happy to help you find and build the car that you've always wanted to have.

We carry an extraordinarily wide range of automotive products from many manufacturers and brands in order to be able to exceed customer expectations and have complete builds all put together in-house. We are also an official dealer for the following companies in the Northwest region of Canada:.

Take a look at our previous projects. Like what you see? Come and talk to us. Have any questions? Ready to start your project? Leave us a message, we'd love to hear from you. Our Mission Statement: Revive and Realize your motoring passion and dreams. What Makes us Different? Our Services We don't just modify cars, we bring your passion into them. Maintenance and Repair. Rarement un produit industriel.

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Automotive Passion is a UK based company that strives to provide our customers with the highest quality Carbon Fibre and Aerodynamic car webfullo.myq-see.comlly. Flow Automotive Solutions and Technic is a group of passionate people who can take your automotive vision and make it happen. June 28, We went on a Baltic Trip. km, sleeping and cooking in or around the car, taking the VW to the old town of Riga and Tallinn. Fun times. more.

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