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Spanish suelo "floor" is from Latin solum "bottom, ground, soil;" German Boden is cognate with English bottom. Floor plan attested from Sense of "puzzle, confound" is , from notion of "knock down to the floor" s. Related: Floored ; flooring. Also floorboard.

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Burn Murdoch. The Goose Man Jacob Wassermann. The Lash Olin L. Twenty Years in Europe Samuel H. Mortal Coils Aldous Huxley. Also called: flooring the inner lower surface of a room. Some flooring components used solely on concrete slabs consist of a dimpled rubberized or plastic layer much like bubble wrap that provide little tiny pillars for the one-half-inch Like a floor on joists not on concrete, a second sheeting underlayment layer is added with staggered joints to disperse forces that would open a joint under the stress of live loads like a person walking.

Three layers are common only in high end highest quality construction. At the highest end, or in select rooms of the building there might well be three sheeting layers, and such stiff subflooring is necessary to prevent the cracking of large floor tiles of 9—10 inches In Europe and North America only a few rare floors will be seen to have no separate floor covering on top, and those are normally because of a temporary condition pending sales or occupancy; in semi-custom new construction and some rental markets, such floors are provided for the new home buyer renter to select their own preferred floor coverings usually a wall to wall carpet, or one piece vinyl floor covering.

Wood clad ' Hardwood ' and tile covered finished floors generally will require a stiffer higher quality subfloor, especially for the later class. Since the wall base and flooring interact forming a joint, such later added semi-custom floors will generally not be hardwood for that joint construction would be in the wrong order unless the wall base trim was also delayed pending the choosing.

The subfloor may also provide underfloor heating and if floor radiant heating is not used, will certainly suffer puncture openings to be put through for forced air ducts for both heating and air conditioning , or pipe holes for forced hot water or steam heating transport piping conveying the heat from furnace to the local room's heat exchangers radiators. Alternatively, only a slightly inset floor topped by a fibrous mesh and concrete building composite floor cladding is used for smaller high quality tile floors—these 'concrete' subfloors have a good thermal match with ceramic tiles and so are popular with builders constructing kitchen, laundry and especially both common and high end bathrooms and any other room where large expanses of well supported ceramic tile will be used as a finished floor.

Floors using small 4. A ground-level floor can be an earthen floor made of soil , or be solid ground floors made of concrete slab. Ground level slab floors are uncommon in northern latitudes where freezing provides significant structural problems, except in heated interior spaces such as basements or for outdoor unheated structures such as a gazebo or shed where unitary temperatures are not creating pockets of troublesome meltwaters.

Ground-level slab floors are prepared for pouring by grading the site, which usually also involves removing topsoil and other organic materials well away from the slab site. Once the site has reached a suitable firm inorganic base material that is graded further so that it is flat and level, and then topped by spreading a layer-cake of force dispersing sand and gravel.

Deeper channels may be dug, especially the slab ends and across the slab width at regular intervals in which a continuous run of rebar is bent and wired to sit at two heights within forming a sub-slab 'concrete girder'. Above the targeted bottom height coplanar with the compacted sand and gravel topping a separate grid of rebar or welded wire mesh is usually added to reinforce the concrete , and will be tied to the under slab 'girder' rebar at intervals.

The under slab cast girders are used especially if it the slab be used structurally, i. Floors in wood-frame homes are usually constructed with joists centered no more than 16 inches 41 centimeters apart, according to most building codes.

If the span between load-bearing walls is too long for joists to safely support, then a heavy crossbeam thick or laminated wood, or a metal I-beam or H-beam may be used. A "subfloor" of plywood or waferboard is then laid over the joists. In modern buildings, there are numerous services provided via ducts or wires underneath the floor or above the ceiling.

The floor of one level typically also holds the ceiling of the level below if any. In floors supported by joists, utilities are run through the floor by drilling small holes through the joists to serve as conduits. Where the floor is over the basement or crawlspace , utilities may instead be run under the joists, making the installation less expensive.

Also, ducts for air conditioning central heating and cooling are large and cannot cross through joists or beams; thus, ducts are typically at or near the plenum , or come directly from underneath or from an attic. Pipes for plumbing, sewerage, underfloor heating, and other utilities may be laid directly in slab floors, typically via cellular floor raceways.

However, later maintenance of these systems can be expensive, requiring the opening of concrete or other fixed structures. Electrically heated floors are available, and both kinds of systems can also be used in wood floors as well. Wood floors, particularly older ones, will tend to 'squeak' in certain places. This is caused by the wood rubbing against other wood, usually at a joint of the subfloor.

Firmly securing the pieces to each other with screws or nails may reduce this problem. Floor vibration is a problem with floors. Wood floors tend to pass sound, particularly heavy footsteps and low bass frequencies. Floating floors can reduce this problem. Concrete floors are usually so massive they do not have this problem, but they are also much more expensive to construct and must meet more stringent building requirements due to their weight.

Floors with a chemical sealer, like stained concrete or epoxy finishes, usually have a slick finish presenting a potential slip and fall hazard, however there are anti skid additives and coatings which can help mitigate this and provide increased traction.

Reliable, science-backed floor slip resistance testing can help floor owners and designers determine if their floor is too slippery, or allow them to choose an appropriate flooring for the intended purpose before installation. The flooring may need protection sometimes. A gym floor cover can be used to reduce the need to satisfy incompatible requirements.

Floor cleaning is a major occupation throughout the world and has been since ancient times. Cleaning is essential to prevent injuries due to slips and to remove dirt. Floors are also treated to protect or beautify the surface. The correct method to clean one type of floor can often damage another, so it is important to use the correct treatment.

Floor definition is - the level base of a room. How to use floor in a sentence. floor example */ #include /* printf */ #include /* floor */ int main () { printf ("floor of is %.1lf\n", floor ()); printf ("floor of is %.1lf\n". Oak Elephant Grey. A darker brown floor with shades of grey and black filled knots, this floor really stands out. Our new floors.

Floor Dictionary. More examples There are great views from the fifth floor of the building. Please help improve this article by adding citations flolr reliable sources.

Floor definition is - the level base of a room. How to use floor in a sentence. The function returns the largest integer less than or equal to a given number. floor definition: 1. the flat surface of a room on which you walk: 2. a level of a building: 3. a public space for activities such as dancing and having formal.

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